Why is the timetable changing? Over the past ten years we have been planning and delivering improvements to our route, including new trains and better tracks. Now that those improvements are completed, we need to change our timetable so we can introduce the extra and faster train services that the improvements allow and were designed to deliver.

Is this different from all the timetable changes that have been made during the pandemic? Yes, those changes were about reducing services against our core timetable. This change is about changing the structure of our core timetable to make the most of improvements delivered to our trains and tracks. We have not made a change like this in over ten years.

Can I still give my views? The LNER consultation closed on 5 August 2021 so we are no longer taking feedback. We are now in the process of reviewing all your feedback so that we can publish a report on what we heard, and what changes will be made in response, at May 2022 or later timetable changes.

There is a lot of information, how do I understand the basics? We have summarised the changes per station on our route. Read these summaries here.

Will some journeys get worse? The East Coast Main Line is a busy railway with several challenging constraints and, as a result, we have had to work as a rail industry to manage some difficult trade-offs. This means that while most journeys get much better, some direct services are being reduced, as set out in our consultation document here.

Will my views actually make a difference to the plans? As this timetable is based on previous decisions on train and track investment, decisions by the rail regulator on how to use the route’s finite capacity and the consultation on our predecessor franchise, its structure for May 2022 is fixed. However, it may be possible to make some local adjustments in response to feedback. Any wide-ranging comments about the balance of services will be considered for future timetable iterations.

Will ticket prices go up as a result of increased services? This timetable consultation is not about rail fares. However, in general, running additional services as we propose to do will create the opportunity for us to increase the number of affordable fares available.

What if I have views on changes being made by other train operators? We have developed our proposed new timetable in coordination with Network Rail and the other train operators on the route. Now that the changes are drafted, each train operator on the East Coast Main Line planning significant changes is consulting on them. Read a summary of all East Coast Main Line train operators’ services from May 2022 here. To read about and give views on other train operators’ plans, please click the links provided:

Why make such a big change when people aren’t travelling by train very much at the moment? We are confident of the future of long-distance rail travel on the East Coast route. We expect customer demand for leisure journeys to recover quickly from the pandemic and that there will be a continued appetite for in-person meetings at businesses, universities and other locations. By supporting this demand, we will help level-up the economy, protect the environment and support our communities and destinations.

Will there be lots of disruption when the timetable changes as has happened in other parts of the country? Most timetable changes in recent years have been delivered smoothly with little or no disruption. However, we have learned the lessons from those that have not gone well at first. This includes carefully developing this timetable with a clear focus on reliability. As a result, we do not expect this timetable to be delivered at the expense of good performance.